SERVOTEC U.S.A. provides Servo-Index drive systems.

Proprietary controls allow for high speed ( up to 800 strokes per minute ) operation with outstanding angular accuracy of 0 0' 36'' at high torque rates.

One successful application is a servo-index system on notchers of V&O Press. These notchers are used to notch motor laminations, saw blades, and other round blanks. As the SERVOTEC U.S.A. drives use no gears, chains, or other power transmissions, there is virtually no backlash in the system and the achieved notch-to-notch accuracy far exceeds that of the traditional index gear drive.

Different notch patterns are programmed in the PC control with touch screen interface and can be changed within minutes by the operator. Quick die change systems and linear scales speed up die changes and root diameter changes.

SERVOTEC U.S.A. also supplies different feeders with various functions to automate the feeding and unloading of notchers, either single press or dual press systems. Feeders are sold either as stand alone products, or as part of a complete system for notching rotors and/or stators.

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