Why Servo-Index Drives from Servotec U.S.A.?

Through a  comparison of the highly successful application of our Servo-Index drive on notching presses, with the traditional index gear driven presses, it becomes clear the advantages of using Servotec's Servo-Index drives are enormous.


Aside from the outstanding control and precision our Servo-Index Drives provide (through almost total elimination of any backlash), the savings, both in financial and time terms, are just as dramatic.
  • No more spending hundreds of hours each year changing over gears for each new lamination. Changes are made in a matter of minutes.
  • No need for the tedious process of the manual quality control of laminations, our servo-index driven presses constantly check their notches as they work to ensure perfection.
  • No time spent working out inventory, ordering and waiting weeks for new gears.




Our Servo-Index Drives pay for themselves over a an incredibly short period of time.

  • Elimination of the $1000's spent each year on new gears.
  • No gearing limitations requiring expensive custom made gears.
  • Time is money and the elimination of gear changing, manual quality control, costly down time, ordering and waiting for  gears, means huge savings.

SERVOTEC LLC U.S.A., 1 Industrial Tract, Hudson, NY 12534   1-800-926-8647 

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